For a very very long time, I was not much into kids or babies. I didn’t hate them. I just didn’t have any interest in them. I never went cooing and cuddling at the very sight of a new baby, the toddlers stayed away from me and so did I. In fact, very early on I had a feeling that I didn’t want any children of my own.

BUT, with a certain turn of events (which I am not going to discuss in this blog. Maybe a different blog) I realized that what I needed was to grow again, along…

P.C —

Have you experienced that sweet smell of winter in the air? Brings back a lot of memories, doesn’t it? Memories of a first crush, of savouring piping hot Kachori-sabzi, of searching for Orion in the sky, of sucking in through invisible cigarettes and blowing out a very much visible vapour. These were all pleasant memories that my first winter evening in Kashi offered me. But there was a pang of intangible pain that snuck in. I didn’t realize it then though.

I had a very noisy dream that night — too many people, talking too loud. Everything is so chaotic…

P.C —

Dear wife. Come,

Let’s go for a walk in this beautiful twilight of our life,

holding hands — lest we trip over the rubbles of memory, now disintegrating -

and marvel at the splendour of this monument we created — this monument called life.

My heart is rife with feelings meek and bold. But I am falling short of words,

for I am a mere ignorant; and old.

But I am determined to tell you, anyway, to the limits of my ability,

for I am late in doing so, and dark it will be soon.

Your hand feels coarse and…

My experience of the 3-day Advait Camp — well it was not the most well organized, time managed camp. There was hardly any attempts by the volunteers to make the participants feel comfortable — no refreshments whatsoever (given that the sessions would go long into the dead of the night), the teacher never bestowed us with a warm reassuring smile that said: “Don’t worry, I will make everything alright for you”. On the contrary, the teacher would brutally reprimand some of us who dared to justify their weaknesses.

The Acharya really “got no chill, nor mercy”

Now that we have…


I have been thinking a lot about the state of the affairs of Education in India. Being associated with a (pre)primary alternate education institution ( for the past 2 years, many myths have been dissolved for me and many more questions have taken their place.

I see very clearly that only Education, which has the capacity to reach every corner with an expansive wingspan, can lift this country off the pathos that it is in presently. This Education I am talking about encompasses a lot more than academic curriculum. Indeed, it is something which is missing from the educational curriculum.

William Wordsworth in his poem — The World is too much with us, had put into words precisely what our life has become.When life becomes a race and race becomes a routine, our emotions and intuitiveness numb down. Competitive workplace, loud pubs, frustrating commute and homes that have become more of a Motel is all we are left with. Don’t we often, in a light hearted way, reminisce about the good old days when all one had to do was to work in the fields from dawn to dusk; experiencing life growing around you, hearing sounds of nature, feeling the…


Accidentally I strayed into the woods of spirituality. It is a dangerous jungle I guarantee and there is no way out. It sucks you in like a black hole; Not even a cry for help can escape . It’s too late for me. I can not come back now. But in this black hole I have found a fifth dimension-something like in the movie Interstellar-and through this dimension I am transmitting this encrypted message out to the “Real World”. Yoga, meditation and spirituality are really bad, don’t do it, don’t get involved in it. Here’s why.

  1. It directly hits your…

The weight of its wetness stretched across the skin of her face, one stroke at a time. Forehead, nose, cheeks. A layer of pinkish thick liquid against her dark brown skin. The aroma was intoxicating. She hesitantly tasted the foundation cream then quickly wiped her tongue against her party dress. Latika flinched when she suddenly heard her parents talk loudly at each other.

“Are they fighting again?” She murmured to herself. She heard pots and pans being thumped over the stove; Ladle moving mercilessly, scarring the insides of the vessels, forever. “Yes, they are.”

She feared her mother would be…

“Hit it and drive it away Parvati for god’s sake. How do I work if this rascal keeps barking? Kill it by all means I don’t care but I don’t want to hear even a leaf rustle….”

He was never like this before. This irritable, angry person that he had become. Gautam had been into competitive swimming with Swimming Federation of India and was a remarkable gymnast. His quarters at the academy campus in Delhi was adorned with a pyramid made out of the cups he had won. A photograph of him, among several others, was captured in a frame…

A girl emerges out of the ocean. She has an hourglass figure, flawless skin and she is wearing a neon orange bikini. She catches my eye while I am slouching on an easy chair on the first floor of a shack with pink exteriors. It’s noon time. The air is lazy. People walk like sloth bears on the hot beach sand. Few are cooling themselves off in the glistening ocean water.

I sulk. The limit of my own freedom from the shackles of clothes is a jumpsuit. I am on a Goan holiday with my folks, who hail from the…

Mukta Singh

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